Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hi Friends. Here's my late review of CARRIE THE MUSICAL at the historic LOS ANGELES
THEATRE in Downrown L.A.

                                                     CARRIE THE MUSICAL

                    What can I say about CARRIE THE MUSICAL at the LOS ANGELES
                    THEATRE. Only that it was fucking awesome!!!! There was more
                    audience involment. If you were lucky enough to sit in the pods that moved
                   they were closer to the action. The seats were more intimate. During the scene
                  when CARRIE was trying out her powers the high priced seats moved. They
                  started to shake. During the prom scene when Carrie was killing everybody
                  stuff fell on the audience. CARRIE THE MUSICAL at THE LOS ANGELES
                 THEATRE was bigger & better I hate to say it when it was at THE LA MIRADA
                THEATRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS. It ends its run at THE LOS
                 ANGELES THEATRE again I hate to say on Sunday November 15th.
                Hurry up & run to get tickets. IT'LL BE A NIGHT YOU'LL NEVER

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hi friends. Here are my reviews of THE SOUND OF MUSIC & the movies PAN, HOTEL

                                                               THE SOUND OF MUSIC

                                What can I say about THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Iy was fantastic.
                               The kids playing THE VON TRAPP children were awesome.
                               KRISTEN ANDERSON plays Maria. She is sent by the Mother
                              Abesse(ASHLEY BROWN) who played MARY POPPINS,
                               to take care of the children while their father Captain. Von Trapp
                               (BEN DAVIS) is away on a trip. Slowly but surely Maria starts
                               to fall in love with the captain. I hate to say it. It was better than
                              movie.  All the songs are there, DO RE MI, CLIMB EVERY
                              MOUNTAIN, EDELWIESS & SO LONG FAREWELL. The
                              show was so good we gave it a standing ovation. So when THE
                              SOUND OF MUSIC comes to your area run to see it dont walk.


                                    PAN is an orgin story we've never seen before. In this
                                    version of the PETER PAN story PETER is the son of a
                                    warrior & a fairy prince. Peter is brought to our world
                                     by his mother so he can be safe from the evil BLACKBEARD
                                     (HUGH JACKMAN) who is totally unrecognizeable as the evil
                                     BLACKBEARD.  Unfortunaly PAN bomb at the box office.
                                    LEVI MILLER was awesome as PETER PAN as was ROONEY
                                    MARA as the PRINCESS TIGER LILY. The best part of PAN
                                  was when PETER comes to terms with who he is & saves  NEVERLAND
                                  from Blackbeard. I liked the movie enough to see it twice. I'm planning
                                  on buying the movie when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

                                                              HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2

                                       I was so surprised to hear that they were making a  HOTEL      
                                       TRANSYLVANIA 2 and it was worth the wait. The sequeal
                                       finds Dracula's daughter Mavis(SELENA GOMEZ) married
                                       to human Jonathan9(JOSH MYERS)  &  pregnant with
                                      their first child which happens to be son. The son they named
                                      Dennis hasn't transformed into vampire and it's up to  Dracula
                                     (ADAM SANDLER) and his friends to help his grandson
                                      change so Mavis & her family wont move away & so
                                     that Dracula's own father(MEL BROOKS)  wont be
                                     angry when he finds out his granddaughter married a
                                    human. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 was well worth the
                                   wait. The funniest scene in the movie is when the baby is starting
                                  to talk & has him  say to her father "Blah blah"  & her father
                                says in return "I don't say Blah blah" that was hilarious.
                                HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 was funnier than the first one.
                               One of ADAM SANDLER'S daughter's has a role in the movie
                               as a werewolfe.  Her voice is so cute. So go see HOTEL
                              TRANSYLVANIA 2 it's a fun for HALLOWEEN.




                                It took them 20 years to make the GOOSEBUMPS 
                                movie & it was worth the wait. JACK BLACK
                              plays horror writer for teens R.L. STINE who lives
                              life as a recluse along  with his daughter HANNAH
                               (ODEYA RUSH).  Everthing is fine untill a teenage
                                 boy & his mother move in. The boy is played by
                                DYLAN MINNETTE. He played the president's
                                son on SCANDEL As soon as he moves in there's
                               trouble for STINE R.L. STINE has a small cameo
                               as new drama teacher. GOOSEBUMPS plot is
                              simple enough.  R.L STINE has his manuscripts
                             locked up because for some reason the charactersin the
                            books come out & it's up to HANNAH & the new boy
                           next door & his new best friend o put them back in their
                         books. GOOSEBUMPS has a somewhat sad ending but then
                          it turns happy.. I saw GOOSEBUMPS twice I liked it so
                        much. It's another one that's good for HALLOWEEN. I
                        can't wait for the Blu-Ray.

So those are my review of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, PAN, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2,
& GOOSEBUMPS. Try to see them all if you can. You wont regret it. Enjoy the movies
save me some popcorn.


Monday, September 28, 2015

                                                   Hi Friends. Today I will be reveiwing the awesome
                                                   musical comedy FIRST DATE.

                                                                              FIRST DATE

                                                 First Date begins with several New Yorkers sing
                                                 about their hopes and fears about finding the right
                                                the right some one to love. That takes us to a hip
                                                Downtown restaurant where we meet Aaron(Marc
                                                Ginsburg) an uptight invesment banker on his first
                                                blind date. We then meet Casey(Erica Lustig) a
                                               a cooler artist-type serial dater. Comedy ensues
                                              when little by little they realize they have nothing
                                              in common. The date unfolds in real-time, The
                                               show is performed without an intermission.
                                              In the end Aaron & Casey. You have to see
                                               FIRST DATE for yourself to find out what
                                              happens to Aaron & Casey. We also for the
                                              Los Angeles premier of FIRST DATE get a brand
                                             new song called FOREVER ONLINE. It's about how
                                             the things you post on the web come back to haunt
                                            you in the future. The original Broadway Cast of
                                            FIRST DATE included ZACHERY LEVI(CHUCK)
                                            & KRYSTA  RODRIGUEZ(SPRING AWAKENING,
                                           THE ADDAMS FAMILY). She played Wednesday
                                          Addams. A good news bad news situation for KRYSTA
                                         RODRIGUEZ. She's a breast cancer survivor. I was
                                       sorry to hear about Krysta's health problems but I'm
                                     so glad she survived the health scare. Again see FIRST
                                     DATE you'll be glad you went on the date with them.

                                    My next theatre review will be of the revival of the
                                     classic musical THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I'll be
                                    seeing it on OCTOBER 10th. Hope to see you there.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Hi friends. Today I'll be reviewing 5 films. These are late reviews. Sorry about that. Tje films are


                        Grandma is hilariuos. LILY TOMLIN plays Elle Reid
                        a woman who just broke up with her much younger
                       girlfriend named Olive played by Judy Greer. After
                       her break up Elle finds out her 16 year old granddaughter
                       Sage played by newcomer Julia Garner tells Elle that she
                      is  pregnant & that she needs $600 for an a abortion so
                     Elle takes Sage on a wild road trip to try to raise the funds
                    before they have to go Sage's mother Judy played by Maarcia
                   Guy Harden. So go see GRANDMA you'll laugh your head off.
                  LILY TOMLIN just might win her long over due Oscar.

                                        THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL

                   The Diary Of A Teenage Girl staars 19 year old newcomer
                   Bel Pawley who plays Minnie a 15 year old who is just
                  discovering her body. She has fantasies about making love
                 to her mothers boyfriend played by TRUE BLOOD star
                Alexander Skaarsgard. Her mother is played by
               Kristen Wigg in her dramitic debut. It's a good thing that Bel
              Pawley was 19 at the time of filming this movie cause she had to
             do a lot of nude scenes. Bel really has a beautiful body. I could
           see Bel Pawley getting an Oscar nomination for her work on this
          film. She would deservre it.

                                                        IT FOLLOWS

                Maika Monroe plays Jay. A 19 year old who after a night of sex
              is plague by visions of someone or something following ner.
              She then finds out that the boy had sex with a woman who passed
             something deadly on to him and the only way to get rid of it
           is to pass it on to some one else. So her friends try to hrlp her stay
          alive. If you want a good scare see IT FOLLOWS. But don't watch
            it alone.

                                                        THE DUFF

                 Mae Whitman fresh off her 6 year run on PARENTHOOD as troubeld
               teen Amber Holt stars as Bianca Piller who finds out through a child
              hood friend that her whole high school life has been a lie when she learns
            her two best friends Casey & Jess played by Bianca Santos & Skyler Samuels
           have been using her as a duff(Designated Ugly Fat Friend). She breaks up with
           her friends & she turns to her friend Wesley played by Robbie Amell late of
          THE TOMORROW PEOPLE she ask him for help in trying to pretty which
          makes Wesley's on again off again girlfriend Madison  played by SHAKE IT
          OFFS Bella Thorne jealous. The critics are right THE DUFF is this generations
        MEAN GIRLS. The film has a great supporting cast of adult actors. ALLISON JANNEY
       as Bianca's mother Dottie and KEN JEONG as Bianca's favorite teacher. So see THE DUFF
        you'll laugh your head off.

                                                               BARELY  LETHAL

                                It's been a banner year for HAILEE STEINFELD. First she
                                had the blockbuster hit PITCH PERFECT 2 for which she
                              will be in PITCH PERFECT 3. Hailee plays a teenage
                              assasin who really wants to be a regular teen. SAMUEL L.
                             JACKSON co-stars as Hailee's trainer who sends her out on
                             a mission to capture a rogue agent played by Jessica Alba.
                           During her mission Hailee's Agent 83 fakes her own death
                          & goes to live with a family which includes RACHEL HARRIS
                          very funny and also includes LIV & MADDIE'S DOVE CAMERON.
                         BARELY LETHAL has a lot of good action & is very well paced for
                      laughs & the action. So see BARELY LETHAL you'll want to see it again
                     & again

                     So that's it for my reviews. My next review will be of JOHNNY
                    DEPPS new movie BLACK MASS. On Saturday September
                    26th I'll be seeing the musical FIRST DATE. It's direct from
                   Broadway. Great news friends. CARRIE THE MUSICAL is
                  returning to LOS ANGELES to the historic LOS ANGELES
                 THEATRE for a 6 week run. I'm planning on seeing it at least
               two more times. So enjoy the movies and save me some popcorn.




Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi Friends. Martin here. Today I'll be talking about my day at the D23 2015 EXPO. I went on Saturday August 15th. I got to see the live action panel of upcoming movies for the next rwo
years. The live action version of THE JUNGLE BOOK looks great as does ALICE THRU
THE LOOKING GLASS. As a special treat JOHNNY DEPP showed up as CAPTAIN JACK
SPARROW who introduced aq clip from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN
TELL NO TALES. That looks awesome.  MIA WASIKOWSKA was there to talk about
ALICE THRU THE LOOKING GLASS. Again that one looks as well. Also there was
WAR. CHRIS PINE was to talk about a film called THE FINEST HOURS. Based on a
true story of a incident that happen in the 1960'S. In CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 IRON MAN
(ROBERT DOWNEY JR) makes an appearence CIVAL WAR. For the finale of the event
J.J. ABRAMS was there to introduce the cast of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.
stood up and cheered for HARRISON as he entered the room. Then after that the president
of the WALT DISNEY COMPANY announced the building of the new STAR WARS
themed lands. Before I forget BEN KINGSLEY was there to talk about the live action
version of THE JUNGLE BOOK. He's rhe voice of BAGHERRA in the film. We also
saw clips of the new PETE'S DRAGON & BEAUTY & THE BEAST. BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD was there for PETE'S DRAGON. This PETE'S DRAGON is not a musical.
Repeat not a musical. That's pissing off a lot of fans of the original because the songs
in the original were the best thing about the original film. Later that night I got to see a panel
a sneek peak at upcoming season with EMMA SWANN now known as THE DARK
SWANN. The new season will also bring us the princess MERIDA from BRAVE.
She will be the first PIXAR character to be featured in ONCE UPON A TIME.
Well tha's all I have to say about THE D23 EXPO OF 2015. It's just too bad
that they happen every two years. The next one will be in 2017. Until
THE D23 EXPO OF 2017 enjoy the upcoming movies and I hope to see
you in 2017.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hi friends. Here's my late review of MERYL STREEPS new movie RICKI & THE FLASH. Since I
didn't have this blog last year I'll also be talking about the musical INTO THE WOODS.

                                                              RICKI & THE FLASH

                           Diablo Cody has done it again. RICKI & THE FLASH is her best
                           screenplay since JUNO. Meryl Streep shines as an aging rocker
                           who when she was younger leaves her family to pursue her singing
                           career. Cut to many years later her ex husband calls her home for
                           daughter who's going through a messy divorce. Meryl's real life
                           daughter Maime Gummer plays her daughter in the film.
                          It's also nice to see KEVIN KLINE back on the big screen. He made
                          his big screen come back in a movie called LAST VEGAS, He's also
                         working with Meryl for the second time since 1982'S SOPHIE'S CHOICE.
                         It's been a good year for Meryl's two duaghter's. Meryl's other daughter
                        Grace Gummer is on the Hallee Berry show EXTANT as a villian.
                       Diablo Cody has written other screenplays for movies such as
                      JENNIFER'S BODY & PARADISE. She also directed PARADISE
                      which starred Julieanne Hough, Russell Brand, & Octavia Spencer.
                     With JENNIFER'S BODY Diablo wrote the famous kissing scene
                   between MEGAN FOX & AMANDA SEYFRIED. Up next for
                 KEVIN KLINE is playing Maurice Belle's father in the live action
                version of the Disney animated & broadway hit musical BEAUTY &
                THE BEAST. Also with RICKI & THE FLASH Rick Springfield
               does a good job playing Meryl's lead guitarist. So go see RICKI & THE
             FLASH & drop me a line. I loved RICKI & THE FLASH I saw it 3 times.

                                                        INTO THE WOODS


                       Like LES MISERABLES I waited for 27 years for them to
                       make a film version of one of my favourite musicals of all
                       time. It has one of the best cast ever for a musical. But alas
                      Disney messed it up. My friends & I have come up with a
                     word for Disney when they decide to change the story. We
                     call it Disneyfiying. In the broadway version of INTO THE
                    WOODS at least 5 people die. The show has a narrator who
                    doubles as the baker's father. The baker's father dies after he
                   helps end the curse on his sons house. The second death comes
                   as a surprise when the  narrator is picked up  by the giantess
                  & is thrown across the stage.  The third death another surprise
                  as Rapunzel is steped on by the giant. The fourth death is Jack
                 from JACK AND THE BEANSTALK mother who is killed
                by the prince's steward when he hits her over the head with his
               staff. The final death is the Baker's Wife who is crushed to death
             by falling trees. The original broadway version with the great
             BERNADETTE PETERS & JOANNA GLEASON is available
             on BLU-RAY & DVD so check out the show then see the movie
           & let me know what you think of it. Meryl Streep plays the witch
            in the movie. She was good but not as good as Bernadette.

              So that's ,t review of RICKI & THE FLASH. No movies this
              weekend. I'll be at THE D23 EXPO on Saturday. Hope to
              see there. Next movie I'll be reviewing will be AMERICAN
            So sit back & enjoy the popcorn. Oh & save me some.



Monday, July 27, 2015

Hi Friends. I saw three good movies on Saturday. They were: PIXELS, PAPER TOWNS &
TRAINWRECK. Here are my reviews.

                                       Chris Columbus has done it again. Pixels starring
                                       Adam Sandler was hilarious, Seeing all the old
                                       video games of the 80'S brought back some great
                                      memories. I was so good at DONKEY KONG.
                                      BURGER TIME, PAPERBOY, QBERT, &
                                      PAC-MAN.  The supporting cast including
                                      JOSH GAD, PETER DINKLIGE, KEVIN JAMES,
                                    MICHELLE MONIGHAN were funny as well. I
                                   am not like all the other critics. I give all of Adam Sandler
                                    movies a chance and I haven't been dissappointed. Seeing
                                    all those great games will make you want to play them
                                   all over again. PIXELS begins when aliens mistakes a
                                 time capsule holding video games as an act of war so it's
                               up to Adam Sandler and his nerd friends to save the day.
                               So go see PIXELS you'll want your kids to play those old
                              games as well.

                                                             PAPER TOWNS

                              Paper Towns marks supermodel Cara Delevigne first
                              acting job. Too bad it wasn't in a better movie. The
                              movie was written by Scott Neustadter & Micheal H.
                             Weber. They wrote the better movie THE FAULT IN
                            OUR STARS. Paper Towns begins when Quintin(Nat
                            Wolf). He played Issac in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.
                            Falls in love with Margo(Cara Delevigne) as soon as she
                            moves into the neighborhood. She ignores him for years
                            until one night she wants him to help her get even  with
                           those who done her wrong then she ups and vanishis
                           leaving what Quintin thinks are clues to where to find her.
                           One of the best things about Paper Towns is Halston Sage
                          who plays one of Margo's friend Lacey. She was awesome
                          in her role. Again Paper Towns was almost as good as
                          THE FAULT IN OUR STARS but not quite. I cried at
                          the end of FAULT but not at this one. See it for yourself
                          and leave me a comment.


                                     Amy Shumer should get an OSCAR nod for best
                                    original screenplay because it was freaking funny.
                                   Amy works at sex magazine who asignes her to
                                    interview a doctor who treats athletes. Bill Hader
                                    plays the doctor. I never pictured Bill Hader as a
                                   romantic lead. But he does a good job. Another
                                  one who does a great job is Lebron James as one
                                 of Bill's clients. So if you want to laugh for two
                                hours go see Trainwreck. Amy will make you laugh
                               as well as cry.

                                      So there are my reviews of  two great movies
                                      (PIXELS, TRAINWRECK) and one so-so
                                      movie (PAPER TOWNS). See PIXELS &
                                     TRAINWRECK you wont be dissapointed.
                                      Enjoy the movies and save me some